Social Media Day is an annual celebration that recognizes the way social media and technology has impacted and enriched our world. From connecting with friends to collaborating with coworkers, social media has become ubiquitous in our everyday lives and, indeed, in the way we learn and do business.

The Social Media Day initiative was first launched by Mashable in 2010 as a way for people who interact online to come together offline and share ideas and camaraderie IRL – in real life.

In Wichita, Social Media Day has historically been a mostly social affair, usually spearheaded by Digital Wichita and Wichitweeps. We’ve gone bowling, had potlucks, wined and dined at local social media-friendly establishments.

For our eighth Social Media Day Wichita celebration, we thought we’d focus on one specific platform: Instagram. The social strategy team from Alaska Airlines is doing great things with visual content strategy and we are pleased to welcome team lead Shannon Johnson to Wichita– not least since Alaska is now flying out of our own ICT Eisenhower Airport.

Social Media Day Wichita is presented by Digital Wichita, a loosely-knit group of local social media aficionados who have been meeting monthly since 2010. As an unofficial not for profit organization, Digital Wichita is charging entry for this event solely to cover production costs.

We hope to see you at #SMDayICT!

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