Facebook Ads Fundamentals

by Dennis Yu

Growth hacking is about getting the most impact from as little effort as possible.

This is the tactical, step-by-step process that you can repeat and run evergreen via the “dollar a day” technique.

We’ve perfected these growth hacking techniques for years internally, and for our clients, earning the Golden State Warriors a 29X ROAS on ticket sales. We’ve implemented these techniques across all industries and sizes, from small business to enterprise; educational software companies like Delta Ed, to publishers like The Economist. Best of all, it’s not hard. All you need is 10 minutes and $1/day to start seeing results.

There are 6 phases to growth hacking:

  • digital plumbing
  • goals
  • content
  • targeting
  • amplification
  • optimization

In this workshop, you’ll learn to save time, energy, and money when it comes to Facebook advertising by learning from our experiences and failures, rather than going through them yourself. You already know SEM, now see how organic and paid work together in social– a mix of content marketing, PR, personal branding, and Facebook ads working together.

Whatever you don’t catch, you’ll have the checklists for you or your teammates to implement later. This workshop is for all levels– Directors of Marketing, agencies, entrepreneurs, PPC specialists, analysts, nonprofits, small business owners, and students. Whether you’re on the paid or organic side, create content or don’t, learn how to get results from these cross-channel techniques.

Dennis Yu
Chris Strub

Confidence, Content and Capacity: Helping Nonprofits Embrace their Stories

by Chris Strub

Chris Strub has worked with over 100 nonprofits in all 50 U.S. states, helping organizations nationwide feel comfortable using social media to share their stories. On June 27, Chris will debut this brand new workshop designed to address nonprofits’ three primary pain points on social media: confidence, content concepts, and creation capacity.
In this three-hour, highly interactive session, Chris will inspire you to embrace your organization’s stories; identify threads to establish a consistent, engaging content strategy; and discuss how to execute an effective storytelling strategy with extremely limited resources.
To learn more about Chris Strub, visit or send him a Tweet: @ChrisStrub.

Brand Storytelling Workshop

by Brian Fanzo and Amy Landino

Brian Fanzo
Amy Landino


Joel Comm

The Fun Formula: How Creativity, Risk-Taking and Serendipity Can Revolutionize the Way You Work

by Joel Comm

Are you tired of the hustle and grind?  Did you know there is a better way? Internet pioneer Joel Comm believes there is.  And in this refreshing talk you’ll discover how to use your creativity, take risks and allow the process to take place as the single greatest way to achieve the success you desire and live a more fulfilling life.

Emerging Technologies, Blockchain, Internet 3.0, and Staying Secure in the Age of Cryptocurrency

by Travis Wright

In this presentation, marketing technologist and host of the Bad Crypto Podcast, Travis Wright, shows the journey of technology from Internet 1.0 to Internet 3.0. Wright talks about many emerging technologies and how they can work with blockchain. The blockchain solutions cover advertising, banking, supply chain, government, IOT, and many other industries. Wright will hit on the highlights that showcase how diverse and extensible blockchain technologies are.

He also shares an entertaining story about how someone hacked his phone and tried to steal his cryptocurrency. Plot Twist, Travis hacks the hacker.

travis wright
Dennis Yu

How to Get Measurable Facebook Ads Results for a Dollar a Day

with Dennis Yu

Understand how the latest Facebook algorithm changes and escalating ad prices require you to be more efficient in your ad campaigns.

The “dollar a day” strategy will help you test ads quickly, building up your “greatest hits” that will continue to work for you for years.

We’ll together walk through how to assemble your 3×3 video matrix, to re-market for a dollar a day down your funnel. We will go through a simple checklist that you can follow to set up remarketing on website visitors, top customers, page engagers, email subscribers, and video viewers.

Besides driving sales, the dollar a day strategy will also help you build your personal brand and authority for your business, when you set up micro-targets by where people work, their job titles, and associations they are a part of.

We’ll cover the 4 things to do after you boost a post, so you know when to kill, scale, or tweak an ad– to amplify winners and stop losers.

Walk away with a practical checklist that you or your team members can implement for your company immediately.

The “dollar a day” strategy works for consultants that have only $100 per month to spend all the way up to billion dollar brands. The larger companies might have hundreds or thousands of ads running at the same time (instead of just a few, for small businesses), each starting at $1 a day.

Facebook Stories

with Chris Strub

The way we consume stories on social media is changing dramatically. At this year’s F8, Facebook announced that usage of Stories is up 842% since the start of 2016, and that by the end of 2019, Stories will officially outpace News Feeds as our primary means of consuming content.

In this interactive presentation, Chris Strub will detail why Stories should be part of your social media strategy; help you choose a platform to focus on; share engagement-driving tips from some of the world’s leading storytellers; and lead a live demo of how to create a human-centric story.

Chris Strub
Amy Landino

Vlog Like a Boss: How to Create Video that Gets Attention

by Amy Landino

Do you need a video strategy that cuts through the noise? There are so many options for video today—and so many brands doing it poorly— that it can be difficult to know where to start and how to stand out. Amy Landino is a business owner, YouTuber and best selling author of the book Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging. Discover her blueprint for personal connection through “vlogging” with actionable tactics that will position you as the leading resource in your field, and more importantly activate a rabidly-loyal community who will stay with you for a lifetime.

Limitations Inspire Creativity: How Social Media Algorithm Changes Create Opportunity

by Brian Fanzo

Change is exciting, Change sucks, Change is rapid, Change is scary, Change is constant! To embrace this rapid pace of change, we must embrace a mindset that allows change and create strategies that redefines what success looks like. Snapchat content disappears after it’s viewed. Twitter is now blocking the ability to share the same tweet to multiple accounts, Facebook is changing almost daily around privacy and use of third party tools….

Many look at these changes as bad or as an excuse to stop using the platforms but for smart social marketers they look at these challenges as opportunities to create amazing possibilities. It’s time for business leaders, marketing managers and content creators to shift their mindset, embrace change and leverage these limitations to create new strategies and goals that redefine what success looks like – to the benefit of their communities.

Brian Fanzo